Autonomous Driving

We provide the best and fastest engineering solution for “Zero Accident” driving.


AD Control and Platform

Our Mission

Agile installable actuator and controller independent of the existing vehicle actuator

AD Decision

Our Mission

Time saving solution for development as an infrastructure systematically verifying concept value of key autonomous driving software and the result

AD Perception

Our Mission

Autonomous driving recognition platform including sensors and sensor fusion algorithm

New Powertrain

New Powertrain

We provide the best and fastest engineering solution for “Zero Emission” driving.


Battery Cell Simulator

Our Mission

Virtual battery cell for developing BMS SW and HW


Our Mission

Real-time simulator for development and verification of BMS, MCU and OBC/LDC 

General-purpose ECU

Our Mission

Rapid-prototype controller, engine and sensor, which are sensitive and fast in control logic realization


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